July 13th, 2007


After four years of persuing an undergraduate degree in English/Creative Writing and an endorsement for English as a Second Language, I’ve signed myself up for an intensive, year-long program that serves the dual purpose of earning a graduate level Master’s degree for secondary education and providing hands-on, classroom experience through a three-rotation internship in a local school district.  The Master of Arts in Teaching will help me gain the confidence needed to become a certified, secondary-level teacher.  Those who have gone before me say that this will be the most stressful year that I have yet endured in my pursuit of higher education, but that once out of the crucible, I will be greatful for the experience.  I have set up this site so that I can document and share the events of this year.  Advice and encouragement are always welcome, and I hope that the learning will be mutual.  Cheers to a new adventure!

Nicole Avery

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